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Some of my best memories as a child are about Dog Shows. Big shows, little shows, Obedience trails; anywhere I could see, touch and watch people work the beautiful dogs I had read so much about. My family dogs were always Standard Poodles.  I learned about temperament, grooming and patience during my 30 years with poodles.  But owning smart dogs begets looking for smarter dogs and so began my love affair with Australian Cattle Dogs.
I live in Crystal Lake, Illinois on a lovely ranch that supports Quarter horses, our BLM burro and an amazing miniature donkey.  I maintain a "little" flock of Khaki, Cayuga, Ancona, Magpie, black & fawn runners, mute swans and Toulouse and Sevastopol geese. While I truly like the gentle nature of water fowl, my sheep have won my heart. I have woolies...beautiful heavy fleeced Romneys and one off the wall Scottish black face/Swiss Valais cross.
 I have served as President, Vice President, National Show Chair and current North Central Director of the Australian Cattle Dog Club of America. I am an AKC licensed Judge. #100927
My dog family includes 10 Australian Cattle Dogs and one stunning Hungarian Kuvasz. All my dogs are comfortable around stock and I have the privilege to introduce my puppies to well broke "heels of all sizes". I LOVE dogs! So as you visit here, enjoy my dogs.
They each bring something special to my family as we know your dogs do to yours.  
My breeding philosophy is simple. My goal is to produce good dogs; capable of excelling mentally and physically in all areas of the breed standard. I never take my eyes off the past and the purpose of these extraordinary dogs while utilizing forward thinking nutritional and medical information and technology to improve health and longevity.
It's great to breed a beautiful dog but it can come to nothing if not sound in MIND and BODY. A sound dog will be healthy throughout it's life (10-15 years) and a pleasure to live with. A sound dog can compete and enjoy conformation, agility, obedience, herding, flyball, tracking or work as a service dog.  They can be your significant other!  A good sound dog will be friendly, yet a brave guardian of his family and their stock. I bred, train and feed with these goals foremost in my mind. 
Your beautiful good dog will be your best friend and you will mark the days of your life by the fleeting time they spend with you.  God Bless All who visit here and WELCOME!