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The 2019 Sheep are almost ready to be sheared. Whole Fleeces are available. I have about 150 pounds of 2018 Fleece ready and waiting for hand spinners.
All natural colours are still available.
This spring I will have one Swiss Valais/Scottish Black Face Cross fleece.
Superior quality and colour. 


 Baanie's fleece.  It has the luxuriant colour of fine sable, rippling shades and tones of black, mercury and dark water. 
 Patti's fleece.  She is a natural white headed beauty.  Her fine and heavy fleece will lend itself to dying or working with the lovely soft whites and ivory tones. 
 Bradley's fleece.  2018 whole fleece; a stuning sterling silver with darker undertones. It's hard to explain how pretty! Sterling silver roses....
April's fleece.   2018 whole fleece is an ashy grey blue over a soft black. The black is predominant and breathtaking
Lily's fleece.  When the shearer goes "Ah, this is very nice," I know we're doing something right!  Creamy, sliding into the soft shadows of the afternoon, a beautiful fleece waiting to make you smile. Roving ready to go.
                    2018 whole fleece available
Belle Starr's fleece.  She had a huge fleece with a natural oatmeal color, very true and honest, clean with a delicate crimp. Very strong. Roving available to go.
                           2018 whole fleece, 10+ pounds, available 
Holly"s Fleece: A true to type creamy white.  Very strong with that wonderful crimp.  A delicious vanilla custard colour
Claire's fleece:  Tender but tough; a delicate feel but strong and vital just like this little darling. Not the biggest fleece but very high crimp count

Rovings (all cream coloured, ready to dye) and finshed yarn now ready. 

Rovings by the pound or ounce. Sample on request