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We love our Boys !!!

                                                                                               "Joshua", "Jack", "Ben", "Ransom" & "Cullen" are standing at Stud to                                                                                                                                              health tested bitches of Quality

                                                                                                                                                 They are DNA profiled and frozen, natural and chilled semen are available 

"Joshua" 3 x AOM GRCH Littleflock My Deliverer RN PT QW


BISS AOM AM/Can CH Carben Copy Cut the Bull HSAsc STD sc X CH Kurpas' Amazing Grace HIC CGC TDI
Joshua is Pattern "B" for PRAd    PLL Clear   Scissor Bite  Rcd4 Clear
OFA Excellent Hips   Elbows Normal   Bilateral Hearing       CHIC # 90422
RIP my Friend. We miss you every day 12/03/2004--1/20/2018 
"Ezekiel" AOM GRCH CH Littleflock Heartbeat of Heaven HIC
GRCH Littleflock Wayward Heart RN PT x CH Littleflock Pure In Heart 
Scissor Bite    Bilateral Hearing    Pattern "A" Clear for PRAd    PLL  Clear   PRAd4 Clear
                                                   OFA Hips: Good 
Welcome to Joshua's son
    "Starbuck"    INT CH GRCH CH Littleflock Good Medicine at Straight Arrow HIC    
                           INT CH GRCH CH Littleflock Good Medicine at Straight Arrow    
           Proverbs 17:20   "A Cheerful Heart is Good Medicine"   CHIC # 116529
3 X AOM GRCH Littleflock My Deliverer RN PT  X AOE GRCH Littleflock Unquenchable
Pattern "A" Clear for PRAd  Bilateral Hearing  PLL Clear   Scissor Bite   Rcd4 Clear   Normal Elbows
Hips: Good

"Grimm" AOM Silver GRCH Littleflock Sacred Ground HIC

3 x AOM GRCH Littleflock Stand My Ground HT x GRCH Littleflock Halcyon Days

Bilateral Hearing   Pattern "A"    PLL Carrier  Rcd4 Clear  Full Dentition   OFA Good Hips  Normal Elbows

CHIC # 113291







"Rory" Littleflock Roarin' Like a Lion

3 x AOM GRCH Littleflock My Deliverer RN PT x CH Tanglewood N Katwala's Fast Break 

Pattern "A" for PRAd  PLL Clear   Bilateral Hearing   Scissor Bite     PRAD4 Clear



"Rory" Littleflock Roarin' Like a Lion winning Best Senior Puppy in Sweeps at the 2013 Michigan Regional Specialty 

"Rory" is living the high life in Michigan, swimming, treking, loving and being Linda's heart dog.


This is BISS GRCG CH Littleflock The Peacemaker, "James"

James is one of "Hana's" kids.  We are very delighted to have him living the life with Dr. Sherri Swanton and her husband Thomas Vinson

 James has now become Gold level Grand Champion

"James" has sired many Grand champions of his own! Dr. Swanton dog "Bruno" & our own "Ben" and many more

"James" is Best of Breed Winner from 2014 Westminster Kennel Club Show! 



"Jack"  GCH CH Littleflock Wayward Heart RN PT QW


CH Kurpas' Amazing Grace HIC CGC x BISS AOM AM/Can CH Carben Copy's Cut The Bull HSAsc STDsc

Excellent Hips   Pattern "A" for PRAd  Bilateral Hearing   Rcd4 Clear

PLL Clear   Full Dentition   Scissor Bite


"Jack" working on his cowboy Cavaletti 



"Ben" 3 x AOM Silver GRCH Littleflock Stand My Ground HT QW

GRCH Littleflock The Peacemaker x CH Littleflock Entertaining Angels PT

Good Hips       Normal Elbows       Pattern "A"  Clear for PRAd     Rcd4 Clear

Bilateral Hearing    Scissor Bite     PLL Carrier        CHIC # 90425


What a remarkable Dog   "Ben" has achieved Silver GRCH !!



Morning workout in the Woods 


CH Littleflock Tougher Than Nails HIC  "Ransom"

"Harper" GRCH Littleflock Forget-Me-Not x "Hawkeye" Am/Can GRCH 2 x AOM Catalyst's Red Tail d'ARK 

Pattern "B" for PRAd,  PLL Clear   RCD4 Clear   Bilateral Hearing   Scissor Bite/Full Dentition   CHIC# 150655

OFA Good hips   OFA  Normal elbows 




CH Littleflock Big Iron, "Gunnar"

CH Littleflock Still Water RAE QW CGC x AM/Nordic CH Kurpas' Promise Land 

Pattern "B", OFA Normal elbows, Good hips, bilateral hearing & full dentitiion

Oh, this guy is handsome! Couldn't be more fun and so correct. This stunning youngster is "Joshua" and "Jack" nephew.

You're gunna love him !!!

"Gunnar" wins Best Bred By at the 2012 ACDCA Regionsl Specialty


"Gunnar" wins the 2011 Midwest Regional ACDCA Specialty

Best Junior Puppy in Sweeps and Grand Sweepstakes Winner!! 

Another wonderful dog has a new career! "Gunnar" has moved to Wisconsin to work short horned Herefords and be the very Best friend to Ryan, Alex, Emily & Aiden.







 "Cullen" Littleflock Standing with the Big Toughs

 GRCH Littleflock Wayward Heart x GRCH Littleflock Forget-Me-Not

Pattern"A" Clear for PRA, PLL Clear, PrCD4 Clear and Full Dentition/Scissor Bite

OFA: Good Hips      OFA:  Normal Elbows