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We love our amazing girls!
"Hana"   CH Littleflock Still Water CGC QW RAE TDI


 "Isabella"   CH Littleflock Entertaining Angels PT


 CH Kurpas' Amazing Grace CGC TDI X AM/CAN CH Carben Copy's Cut the Bull HSA
Hana is our Rally Queen!  She has been our teacher as we have mastered different performance activities.  She is the mother of an up and coming Obedience/Agility star Littleflock Path of Justice, CH Littleflock Remember Me, GRCH Littleflock The Peacemaker, GRCH Littleflock Halcyon Days and CH Littleflock Big Iron.
Hana is Pattern "B" for PRAd   PLL Clear
OFA Good Hips/Elbows
BAER Normal  CERF Normal 2013
Full Dentition                             CHIC #90423

"Grace"        CH Kurpas' Amazing Grace CGC HIC TDI


Kurpas' N Hilltop Mornin'Mist x CH Kurpas' Fire N Brimstone    This is Grace.  She is the foundation bitch of my kennel. Grace was the Dam of the most new Rally Titlists for 2007

Grace is Pattern"B" for PRAd   BAER Normal  Scissor Bite

OFA Good Hips   Normal Elbows   Full Denition 

Grace is currently working as a Greeter at the Bridge    RIP, my love 

2/22/02- 5/23/2014 


"Phoebe", CH Littleflock Pure in Heart

CH Littleflock Entertaining Angels PT X GRCH Littleflock The Peacemaker 

"Phoebe" is Isabella's daughter and one of the beautiful girls from her first litter.

Pattern"A"/Clear for PRAd       PLL Clear    Good Hips       Normal Elbows

Scissors Bite           Bilateral Hearing 



"Phoebe" is currently transferring her life to North Carolina

She is still working on her show career but having more fun loving her own little boy "Alex" 

Here's Phoebe finishing her Championship and moving up to Grand Champion points!



CH Littleflock Forget-Me-Not Winning Select Bitch at the 2013 Michigan Regional Specialty
Her first Grand Championship Major 



CH Littleflock Kyrie Eleison HIC "Kyrie"

2 x AOM GRCH Littleflock Stand My Ground HT x GRCH Littleflock Halcyon Days 

Scissor bite  Full Dentition   Bilateral Hearing    PRAd  Pattern "A"    PLL Clear   Rcd4 Clear

Lord have Mercy, she's a beauty! 







"Rachel" Littleflock Healer of the Broken

GRCH Littleflock Forget-Me-Not x GRCH Littleflock Wayward Heart QW RN

PRAd clear/Normal    PLL Clear/Normal  RCD4 Clear   Full Dentition/Scissor biteOFA:        

Good Hips  OFA: Normal elbows        Bilateral  Full Hearing

















 "Rowan"  Littleflock More Than Conquerors

"Joshua" 3xAOM GRCH Littleflock My Deliverer RN PT x "Halle" CH Littleflock Deep Calls to Deep

A beautiful clear red young lady with lots of fun for the future

Bilateral Hearing, Full Dentition, Pattern "A" for PRAd. PLL clear, rd4 clear 

Hard to get a good photo when we never stop moving...working on it 

CH Kurpas' Amazing Grace CGC TDI X CH AUST/AM CH DuWest Say No More
Isabella  is a powerfully built sweetheart.  She is gentle with a wonderful temperament.  She has a high work ethic but always exhibits solid self control.
Issy is Pattern "B" for PRAd
OFA Good Hips/Elbows
Baer Normal
Isabella has moved to California to start a new carrier as best friend & trial dog. 

"Hope"       CH Littleflock Remember Me         

CH Littleflock Still Water CGC RAE QW X Nordic CH/CH Kurpas' Promise Land 


Pattern "A" for PRAd       BAER Normal     OFA Good Hips    Normal Elbows

Scissor Bite    Full Dentition    PLL Carrier         CHIC # 90424

Hope has moved to Minnesota for a grand life in the land of 10,000 Lakes 








Here's "Thistle" GRCH Littleflock Halcyon Days

CH Littleflock Still Water QW RAE X CH Kurpas' Promise Land

"Thistle" is "Hope's" full sister. 

She is a pretty girl with a gorgeous blue coat that inspired her name. A peaceful spirit like her mother, we are blessed with more wonderful possibilities.

Thistle is Pattern "B" for PRAd   Bilateral hearing   Full Dentition   Rcd4  Clear

Scissors bite   OFA Good Hips   Normal Elbows   PLL Clear                   CHIC # 90426







"Harper" GRCH Littleflock Forget-Me-Not HIC

CH Littleflock Remember Me x DC Kurpas' Redeemer for LNR

Bilateral Hearing  Scissor bite  Pattern "B" for PRAd   PLL Clear   OFA Good Hips

OFA  Normal Elbows    Rcd4 Clear

CHIC #101130 

Here's my  little darling!  Harper looks exactly like her Gramma Hana.

She has a sweet biddable temperament that I have come to expect from Littleflock girls. 


Here's the little Miss Harper winning her second 5 point Major in Indianapolis


"Zara" CH Littleflock Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken HIC

CH Littleflock Pure In Heart x GRCH Littleflock Wayward Heart RN PT  

Pattern "A"/Clear for PRAd      Bilateral Hearing     Scissor bite     PLL Clear




                                               Our Little Sweetheart: "Hallelujah"  Littleflock Deep Calls to Deep 

                                                                                                     "Harper" GRCH Littleflock Forget-Me-Not x Am/Can GRCH 2 x AOM Catalyst's Red Tail Hawk D'ARK

                                                                                                           Pattern "A" for PRAd,     Bilateral Hearing,  OFA: Good Hips    PLL Clear,    RCD4 Clear    Scissor bite/Full dentition   Normal CAER